How to make a wordpress blogsite in local server (offline personal computer)

We can make a simple and  fast  website  using  wordpress.  For a beginner,  using wordpress is a simple way to have a website. If you want to make it in a local server and then upload this in a online server, you can follow this steps:

  1. Download php and mySQL server  software.

All these software must have by you if you need install a wordpress engine in local server.

You can download XAmpp Lite in this link. By download XAmpp Lite, you get php and mySQL software in one package.

  1. Download latest version WordPress engine in this link.
  2. Install Xammp Lite software in local disk (C:/) . then open XAMMP Control Panel on start program. Click start button beside Apache and mysql text until “running” text appear.
  3. Open your web browser and type address http://localhost and then choose your language
  4. 5. Go to  address http://localhost/phpmyadmin , and type your database name, eg. sagetunov at form  create new database, then click create button.
  5. 6. Extract wordpress file at C:\xampplite\htdocs. You can rename wordpress folder with your desired name.
  6. Go to  address http://localhost/wordpress at your browser.  If  you rename wordpress with the other name, please replace with http://localhost/yourdesiredname
  7. Click create a configuration file button and then also clik Let’s go! button in next page.
  8. enter your database connection details
  9. – Database Name             :  database name that was created in phpmyadmin

– User Name                      :  root

– Password                          :  (leave it blank)

– Database Host                                :  localhost

– Table Prefix                     :  wp_

Then click Submit button

  1. Click Run the install button
  2. Enter your Blog Title and your email address, and then click Install WordPress button
  1. Note username and password that generated by wordpress and login with this account.
  2. Enter your account at form login and click login button


WordPress Installation on your local server success..and you can post and setting your website in the WordPress Dashboard.


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